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Physical Therapy

VERT Sports Assessment - Insurance

Your sports performance journey begins with a VERT Sports Assessment. Real metrics lead to real results. Our therapists combine data from the evaluation with information about your lifestyle and activities to curate a plan of care specific to you and your goals. 

VERT Sports Follow-up - Insurance

Your follow-up appointments are designed to help you decrease pain, normalize range of motion and strength, and prevent injuries. We utilize blood flow restriction, cupping, Graston, Kinesio taping, vasopneumatic compression, deep muscle stimulation, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise.

Private Training

 Semi Private 3 or 4 to 1 - As low as $36 a session

either 3 or 4 clients per training depending on the hour booked. This functional training session is specifically designed to improve endurance, energy levels, metabolic rate, mobility, and strength.

VERT Fit Assessment - $99

Your personal training journey begins with a VERT Fit Assessment. FMS and Inbody tests included. Our coaches combine subjective and objective information to build a program designed to help you lost weight, become more agile, and become stronger.

2 on 1 Duo Personal Training - As low as $65 HR

Join another like-minded individual while attaining your fitness goals. 2 clients per coach Our coaches utilize the latest science to holistically transform how you move, feel, and recover.

1-1 Personal Training - As low as $115 HR

Experience an individualized session with our coaches to achieve the best version of yourself. Make sure your technique is both efficient and safe to optimize results.



VERT System - Insurance

This sports performance session utilizes hydraulic machines utilized by the Los Angeles Lakers during their three-peat championship. Our VERT machines employ resistance that accommodates and dynamically adjusts to the user's force input. Improve your body's ability to tolerate loads similar to those demanded in your respective sport. This service requires a VERT Sports Assessment.

1-1 Performance Training - As Low as $115 Hr

Turn it up a notch and experience the training necessary to excel in your respective sport. Improve recruitment with VERT Machine's  fast-twitch muscle  recruitment to ensure readiness during crucial moments in the game.

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